Captain Wolf: She knew something no one else knew! and she wasn't sharing, since he was always moody on this day in particular and she did not want to deal with it yet again. but, this year..he would find on his desk in his room a brown package. it had 'happy birthday' scrawled across the top, but not sign of who may have sent the sizeable thing. it was, of course, Isabella who did so but not like she would admit it! so she currently sat on the railing of the ship swinging her feet back and forth over the side as she hummed to herself. Long flowing black hair was woen in loose curls down her back and around her face, eyes staring into the water. her attire was her usual, pants and boots and a red corset hugging her tightly with a white shirt, a sash about her waist. she held a bottle of rum loosely in her hand and drank now and then from it. as for the present, what was it? spyglass, a nice one with a leather case for travel on his belt, a pendant hanging from a leather string of a wolf, and a new scarf for his head. and Isabella had good taste too, damn it! Wolf had vanished from the ship nearly the moment they had docked. RhyDin of all places. What a shit hole. But he was a man on a mission! They'd been at sea for some time now, cargo needed to be unlocked and this was the place to do it. Isabella was likely the only one that would notice.. Wolf always vanished before it was unloading time when they carried slavesand other such live pets. Wasn't his cup o' tea. His heavy boots announced him on the ramp that led up the ship's bow. Once on board it became obvious he had a basket tucked under one arm and a bottle of rum in the other. Since the 'incident' Wolf kept his booze under lock and key! That basket under his arm had a smell to it.. a strong one at that. STRAWBERRIES. Fresh. Picked. RIPE. Strawberries. A hum in the air, Wolf moved on toward the corridor that led him through the halls to his chambers. At once he noticed the package which made his brow twitch. Who would DARE come in to his quarters while he was away? ..At least it was ticking. Slowly he set the basket down on the edge of his desk and inched closer, brushing his fingers over the package. "Hrrrm.." His baritone voice thrummed gently at the air. Fingertips ripped down to peel back the wrappings. If it exploded.. it was a beautiful evening to die. To his surprise.. birthday gifts. Was that a twitch of a smile across his pale lips? Isabella did not accept any alcohol from anyone and bought her own after that night of the 'incident'. She had been so sick she thought she may have died, and it could of gotten thast bad if wold wasn't there to help her out and she knew it. With another small hum she swung her legs back around and stood up, sighing with a stretch as she decided to go see if Wolf had returned and discovered his gift, which she still would not tell him was from her. so away she went, moving down into the ship and to his door, which she did at least knock on but she did not wait on an answer "Are you done being moody yet for no reason. Wolf? i grow tired of your..emotions." Snickering in amusement as she stood in the door frame, her voice had the slightest touch of Spanish beginnings. Crossing her arms over her chest with a raised brow as she eyed the package he had, but said nothing about it. "Well, Isabella.. we all can not be souless harpies now can we?" Even though the words slid from his lips should of been sharp they were not. He was rather pleased with the mystery gifts. His fingers slid under the paper to look at the... femmine chicken scratch. Interesting. Only about three or four men aboard could read much less write. His smile turned to a grin. But he did not say a word, simply lifted his icy gaze to Isaboo. "All the cargo was accounted for?" He hated stowaways. The tall man was dressed in his usual loose fitting trousers and no shirt. Long raven locks tied back, shorter bits loose about his face. It should of made him 'girly' but it did nothing of the sort. Free hand moved to the bottle, cracking the seal on the cork with a satfying pop before he pulled it free with his teeth. The cork dropped from his lips to rest on the wrappings from his package. Ever the smart creature, Isabella at least she got a random girl to write it for her. It was not Isabella's writing on the packaging! No way to trace it back, so he would never know she did something nice. At his words she rolled her eyes and moved further into the room, giving him the middle finger as she did so. "Souless yet damn pretty, and don't you forget it bastard." And she flopped down into a chair, legs draped over the arm of it and hands placed across her stomach as she made herself comfortable without asking to. She never did with him, even though he was her captain. she then eyed the items he had opened, still playing it off as she had done nothing. "The hell is all that stuff for? That scarf will make you look like a girl." It wouldn't, she made sure of that when she picked it and she had awesome fashion sense..but, playing it up! She snickered, grinning at him as she tilted her head to one side, eyes watching him carefully. His brow twitched but then he only shook his head. "Someone obviously has the tingles down below for me." He stated cooly as he lifted up the bottle and took a long drink before setting it down to his desk. Lowering his body in to his own chair. His package of gifts tugged right in to his lap with a crinkling of the brown paper. Nothing was ticking. He assumed it was safe! As safe could be... being him. "The cargo... Isabella." The fact she had not answered him was disconcerning. If there were slaves hiding somewhere inside his ship he was going to be upset. The last time.. he'd nearly gotten stabbed by one of them with a steak knife in the privy. He was seriously not down with the stowaways. The wolf tooth was slipped around his neck. Icy blues returning to Isabella. "Only in your dreams, Wolf." Not looking at him now as she drank some of her rum then, knowing he was putting on the necklace but she could not show any interest! so the cargo question proved to be a good distraction. "Oh. right..the cargo. It went...smooth enough." Vague as she shrugged, not wanting to tell him she had to go to the doc yet again when some stowaway surprised her by springing out of the crate she was about to open and check what was inside since it was extra and he had managed to slice at her stomach. Wasnt too much damage, and she changed clothes before coming here. "Everything is accounted for and we have nothing to worry about, so for once you can relax. I give you my word on that. if you can trust it, that is." Shrugging once more with a small smirk then. "In my dreams.. out of my dreams.." Wolf just smiled some. Settling the necklace about his throat he pulled his hair from under the long locks. Attention turning to the eyeglass. Rolling it around in his fingers, feeling the smooth leather. It was going to be badly punished with as much as he climbed the crow's nest. "Somehow I doubt I am getting the whole story but alas.. I am in too grand a mood to care." Leaning forward over the edge of his desk to steal the bottle and put it to his lips. Grinning ear to ear like a fool. His mood had sucessfully shifted.. that much was to be certain. Sighing out in annoyance to his words, but ignoring it as she finished her rum and then set the bottle down on his desk as she then raised a brow. she kept herself from grinning at all as he spoke and she tilted her head to one side. "What got you out of your funk, then? that thing?" Motioning with one hand to the package and the things he got as she tapped her fingers along her stomach. "No doubt bribes from some whore wanting you to go back and visit her for more than one night, knowing you." Amusement in her eyes at this thought as she chuckled once more, swinging her legs back and forth slightly. "Perhaps. Likly it's just Nancy.. being Nancy." With a chuckle, he cocked his head to one side. "You're aweful curious about this, Isaboo. Is that a hint of jealousy?" He pushed the basket he had carried in with him closer. "I brought you something from town.." Fresh fruit wasn't something that was easily aquired at sea. Lifting the lid would unveil the strawberries nestled down amoung smaller blue berries. "Little taste now.. rest for your breakfast?" Fruity pancakes would be in their future. Wolf's lips spread in to one of those rougish smiles. He really wasn't a bastard... all of the time.